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Better Work Bitch

Jul 4, 2020

Zoila Darton (@zoiladarton) is the Creator of, and, and joins us in this episode to share an intimate poem, titled: "You Don't Love Me If You Don't Love Us," as she shares w us her vulnerability as a mixed race woman. She is Afro-Latinx, a Panamanian-Jamaican Jew, and gets transparent around her journey of identifying all the inter-generational trauma she's self-realizing and healing. We discuss the importance of understanding the privilege of white passing that many of us hold due to the complexity of our skin color, and she shares how she is decolonizing her parenting for her son, Dakota. 

She references an anti-black awareness course with an educator client of hers that you can purchase here:

If you can't afford the course and are experiencing financial hardship pls reach out to

Learn more at