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Better Work Bitch!

Mar 2, 2023

In this episode I explore the idea of tapping into present moment embodiment for those who find affirmations challenging to utilize. A discussion on removing the future proposition in the belief of an affirmation should be considered when propelling your word spells like the "I Am" and other affirmation slogans. 


Dec 23, 2022

You know I had to start the season off with some astro tea. Listen in for the important major cosmic transits of 2023. I share the themes of the year, the numerology and key dates to keep tract of.


Eclipses of 2023

Star of Spica

Saturn in Pisces

Pluto in Aquarius 

Jupiter in Aries 

Mercury Retrograde


Dec 23, 2022

"The universe does not expand "into" anything and does not require space to exist "outside" it." And, neither do you. You are absolute, infinite and abundant. 

After the Universe expanded it cooled in order to allow the formation of matter. After going eight seasons strong, I need to cool after a fast expansion since...

Oct 6, 2022

The ascension process. We talk so much about it in spirituality, but is it a literal or symbolic experience? I discuss how 2022 has been a huge ascension process for me in my personal life, as a creator and how I have been or not been showing up for myself. I hope this episode helps you in the dark if and when you ever...

Aug 31, 2022

In this episode I analyze Bad Bunny's chart. Note: this episode is not insinuating whether Bad Bunny is or isn't Queer. In no way imposing any sort of possible limiting labels on the individual. This is a chart analysis of depicting how sexual embodiment can occur in many complex manners.

We look at his chart to support...